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Most Effective Ways to

Let’s not kid ourselves, washing machines aren’t an ancient thing—at least by our standards. And as effective as they are, for one reason or another, sometimes it’s best to ditch the washing machine and take a manual approach that’s as old as life itself. Whereas in modern day laundry care, hand-washing is typically reserved for […]

Laundry Care Tips to Ma

I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that clothes are quite expensive and yet money remains a scarce resource. So for every piece of clothing bought, you want it to last as long as possible. Now the lifespan of a piece of clothing can be longer or shorter depending on our methods […]

Reasons why you should

When it comes to laundry, it has been drilled in most, especially here in Africa that it’s a DYI task. What most of these people don’t know is that there are many benefits that come with using professional laundry services to do your laundry each week. And for unique service providers like HobyClean in Uganda—who […]

Best laundry practices

Laundry is something that most of us do almost every day. And basing on personal experience, I do know for a fact that there are times when the results are less than perfect. What went wrong? Well, here are some best laundry practices that will help you get the best results possible every time you set […]

Businesses are cutting

The Covid-19 pandemic that has ravaged and devastated the world has hit economies and businesses even more. While healthcare facilities were and are still, unfortunately, being flocked with patients, the hospitality and tourism industry has been losing its inflow of clients. As economies began to reopen, a second wave hit, forcing all businesses to further […]

Exciting monthly laundr

For most mothers, rising and managing a family can be a tumultuous task. It's already hard enough for stay-home mums and it even gets harder for working mothers who try to achieve Work-Life-Balance between  career and family.


A laundry e-commerce technology enabling global online, on demand “Laundry as a Service” (LaaS) (By Gleh Huston Appleton; Sr., Founder and CEO) In early human civilizations, the act of clothes washing was done along the riversides often without detergent. Removing dirt and stains required a lot of muscle power including hard slapping and beating off […]

Should I Outsource My L

Some people prefer to do their own laundry, and are willing to invest in the laundry equipment to make this dreaded chore more desirable. However, the daily work schedule of some will take such a toll on them, leaving them very stressed thinking about the extra laundry workload at home.  What some have decided to […]


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