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“…with COVID-19, except an online, on demand laundry technology solution is introduced that disrupts and revolutionizes the current laundry practice and that transitions the traditional laundry sector from “Bricks to Click” , women shall still remain largely trapped in the seemingly relegated, oppressive, invisible, repetitive, exhausting, unproductive, uncreative and largely unpaid world of household chores […]

About Services

HobyClean offers cost effective, efficient, high-quality, on-demand e-laundry services to its customers from anywhere and anytime (24/7/365) in the world so they can enjoy their convenience while HobyClean does the Pick-up, washing, ironing, folding and delivery to their doorsteps. Aside from being visually appealing, the website is user-friendly and robust to allow users to place […]

How to remove old stain

Key steps to washing whites: Wondering how to remove stains from white clothes? Remember these steps: Wash your whites with a quality detergent, on as hot a wash as safe for the fabric. If marks remain, try a natural stain remover like baking soda or white vinegar. For plain fabrics, try bleaching the marks with […]

How to unshrink and str

Got a laundry emergency on your hands? If you need to know how to unshrink clothes then these tips on how to stretch clothes can help. We all have our laundry day disasters, but few things inspire panic like seeing your best work shirt or your favorite pair of jeans come out of the machine […]

How to care for linen

Q. My linen has been dry cleaned. Can I wash it back to softness? If your linen item has been pre-washed it won’t shrink further and should be safe to wash, but use very low temperatures to be safe. Fabric softener should help too. Q. Do linen products need treating before first use? Sometimes retailers will tell […]

How to clean and care f

Cotton fabric is made from natural plant fibers and is widely used in clothes and table linens and everything from delicate baby onesies to denim blue jeans. The fibers can be woven or knit to produce comfortable, breathable fabrics. Cotton clothes are affordable and durable but should be handled correctly to keep them looking their best and […]

How we wash curtains

We’ve put together this guide on how to wash curtains of all types, including heavy fabrics that may need special care. With regular care, washing curtains needn’t be a chore.   Hand-washing If your curtains are made of delicate fabrics and you’re worried about damaging or creasing them, a hand wash is a safer route […]

How we clean your trave

Cleaning the inside compartment of your suitcase We start by taking out all removable items, like attachable pockets. We wash those separately in a bowl full of water and laundry detergent. We open all of the zippers and give your luggage a good shake. Then vacuum your suitcase. This gets rid of all of the […]

When to Dry Clean Your

Dry cleaning is the best method for getting stains out of a men’s dress suit. We take our suits to the dry cleaners too often. Aunt Krubah explains how to tell when it’s time to take a suit in for dry-cleaning. A man’s dress suit is one of the most expensive additions to most men’s […]


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