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For most mothers, rising and managing a family can be a tumultuous task. It's already hard enough for stay-home mums and it even gets harder for working mothers who try to achieve Work-Life-Balance between  career and family.


A laundry e-commerce technology enabling global online, on demand “Laundry as a Service” (LaaS) (By Gleh Huston Appleton; Sr., Founder and CEO) In early human civilizations, the act of clothes washing was done along the riversides often without detergent. Removing dirt and stains required a lot of muscle power including hard slapping and beating off […]

Should I Outsource My L

Some people prefer to do their own laundry, and are willing to invest in the laundry equipment to make this dreaded chore more desirable. However, the daily work schedule of some will take such a toll on them, leaving them very stressed thinking about the extra laundry workload at home.  What some have decided to […]


“…with COVID-19, except an online, on demand laundry technology solution is introduced that disrupts and revolutionizes the current laundry practice and that transitions the traditional laundry sector from “Bricks to Click” , women shall still remain largely trapped in the seemingly relegated, oppressive, invisible, repetitive, exhausting, unproductive, uncreative and largely unpaid world of household chores […]

About Services

HobyClean offers cost effective, efficient, high-quality, on-demand e-laundry services to its customers from anywhere and anytime (24/7/365) in the world so they can enjoy their convenience while HobyClean does the Pick-up, washing, ironing, folding and delivery to their doorsteps. Aside from being visually appealing, the website is user-friendly and robust to allow users to place […]

How to remove old stain

Key steps to washing whites: Wondering how to remove stains from white clothes? Remember these steps: Wash your whites with a quality detergent, on as hot a wash as safe for the fabric. If marks remain, try a natural stain remover like baking soda or white vinegar. For plain fabrics, try bleaching the marks with […]

How to unshrink and str

Got a laundry emergency on your hands? If you need to know how to unshrink clothes then these tips on how to stretch clothes can help. We all have our laundry day disasters, but few things inspire panic like seeing your best work shirt or your favorite pair of jeans come out of the machine […]

How to care for linen

Q. My linen has been dry cleaned. Can I wash it back to softness? If your linen item has been pre-washed it won’t shrink further and should be safe to wash, but use very low temperatures to be safe. Fabric softener should help too. Q. Do linen products need treating before first use? Sometimes retailers will tell […]


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