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5 proven reasons why you should wash your clothes inside out

  • October 26, 2022
  • HobyClean Customer Service
Washing clothes inside out

I don’t know where our story eventually ended but I remember owning a khaki kaunda suit while growing up. I loved the suit more than anything else in my Sunday wardrobe. Three decades later and I still remember it like it was yesterday. That’s how personal we are with our clothes and that’s why taking care of them is very important—in the way we wash, iron and keep them. 

Look at clothes as some form of mid and long term investments, therefore taking care of them saves you money in the long run. Part of taking care of them is by washing them and doing it in the right way goes a long in making sure they last longer. After you’ve made a decision on what detergent to use, what cycle to select (for machine users), and sorting the whites from the darks/colours while reading their different labels on the tags, then turn them inside out before starting to wash. 

Washing your clothes inside out has many benefits for your wardrobe. While it might be a pain to turn everything inside out before washing and then right side out again while folding, we have it on good authority that it’s the right thing to do. 

washed jeans hang on a clothesline
Washed jeans hang on a clothesline

Different types of fabrics require different care with some being very delicate and requiring special attention. Turn your clothes inside out before placing them in the washing machine, basin or dryer. Otherwise, you risk degrading your clothing quality. Here are five reasons why you need to wash clothes inside out.

Reduce dye bleeding/Color fading, especially for dark clothes

Many types of textile fibers and dyes don’t do well when exposed to friction as a result of a vigorous washing cycle. Dark colors often bleed on other clothing pieces or fade due to the combination of tumbling and high temperatures.

Some garments’ inner layers are usually more resistant or may have lighter colors that withstand heat better. Turning your clothes inside out before washing helps to preserve their vibrant colors and avoid dye bleeding on their outer layer even when you wash them frequently hence, clothes look their best and would last longer, even if you wear them most of the time.

It protects decorative elements of your clothing from damage

Charmeuse ballroom dance dress with guipure lace bodice

If you’re a fan of sparkles and rhinestones, like many ladies out there, especially for their party, outing and changing garments, then you’ll definitely want to turn your items inside out while washing. 

While most decorative items are attached pretty well upon purchase, they often become loose or damaged over time as they go through the cleaning process. So, turning your clothes inside out while washing helps to elongate the life of the sparkles you love so much!‍

Prevents damage to the outside of your clothing (Less Friction, Less Damage)

‍While the washing machine is great for removing stains and getting clothes looking and smelling fresh, clothing items can take quite a beating while they’re actually in the machine. When washing your clothes, the friction between your clothes and the walls of the machine or your hands is both an enemy and a friend during the whole process. 

Inside a washing machine

When you wash clothes inside out, you reduce the friction on the outside part of the clothes, thereby reducing damage to your precious garments’ outside features. Protect your items from fading and other damage by making sure that it’s the inside of your clothing, which no one will ever see, that takes the beating rather than the outside. So, by turning clothes inside out before tossing them in the washer, you can prolong the look and feel of each garment. 

Increases contact between the detergent and the dirtiest parts of your garment

While we sometimes use the washing machine to get out tough exterior stains like coffee, grass or ketchup, most of the time we’re aiming to freshen our items up from the kind of dirty clothing gets just by being worn by a person.

‍During a typical day of wear, clothing comes into contact with our bodies as we move and sweat, leaving them in dire need of washing. By turning your garments inside out before tossing them in a basin or washing machine, you can ensure that these sweat stains are coming in direct contact with the detergent.

Prevents lint and pilling from occurring on the outside of your clothing

‍Lint and pilling is a fact of life that occurs when clothing fibers fray or break. While washing your items inside out won’t prevent this fraying or breaking from happening, it will make sure that it only happens on the inside of your items, keeping the outside looking fresh and new for longer.

Conclusion: While turning your clothing inside out before washing and then right side out before folding can feel like an extra step in an already arduous process, doing so will protect your garments, help them get as clean as possible and ensure that you leave the house looking fresh and fashionable everyday!

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