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Businesses are cutting costs, thanks to Hobyclean

  • June 29, 2021
  • HobyClean Customer Service
HobyClean Business Package

The Covid-19 pandemic that has ravaged and devastated the world has hit economies and businesses even more. While healthcare facilities were and are still, unfortunately, being flocked with patients, the hospitality and tourism industry has been losing its inflow of clients.

As economies began to reopen, a second wave hit, forcing all businesses to further adjust their operations to suit the new normal.

And for the hospitality industry, the impacts had far-reaching consequences as emphasized, for example by the Uganda Hotel Owners Association chairperson and vice to the Uganda Tourism Board, Ms Susan Muhwezi, who noted with extreme concern that the drawbacks in the tourism sector occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic have greatly affected the hospitality sector and livelihoods of their workers.

As means to fit the new normal in the hospitality industry that has largely been characterized by the battle to share the few available clients given the limited travels across borders, businesses have had to rethink their strategies every other day with most laying off workers just to stay afloat and meet their bottom line.

Some lucky ones were quick to discover Hobyclean as soon as the industry was reopened and have since reduced some of their key expenditures.

Hobyclean offers online, on demand laundry services with monthly packages for business like hotels, motels, guest houses and health care facilities. The packages that range from Basic, Standard, Silver, Bronze, Gold and Diamond offer free, convenient and timely picks; Wash, IRON, Fold, Repackage and Deliver back to your business premises.  

And with such offers, businesses have saved money on labour, water and electricity bills as well as laundry management. Check out these packages, find a preference and give us a call to the round table.

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