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Exciting monthly laundry family packages to ease the burden on mothers

  • June 3, 2021
  • HobyClean Customer Service

For most mothers, rising and managing a family can be a tumultuous task. It’s already hard enough for stay-home mums and it even gets harder for working mothers who try to achieve Work-Life-Balance between career and family.

As part of her responsibility as a mother, she’s required to do almost all house chores including but not limited to; cooking, washing utensils, house cleaning and laundry. Even for families that have been blessed enough to employ a housemaid, they know for a fact that household chores can be backbreaking.

And with all that considered, that’s where Hobyclean comes in—to help mothers ease on some of those burdens, and more importantly the laundry part. HobyClean takes care of your laundry enabling you to concern yourself with other responsibilities around the home like helping kids with their homework, taking care of hubby and your family members at large while striking that perfect Work-Life-Balance.

When you subscribe to any of our exciting monthly family packages, we will pick, wash, IRON, fold, fragrance and deliver back to you within 48 hours, and four times a month. How cool is that!!!

And because we know how valuable your laundry is, we will take care of it using the right detergents in the right amounts. And when it comes to the washing, the choice of whether you prefer a gentle but quality hand wash or machine wash will be yours to make.

So just subscribe to any of the packages below and sit back and enjoy your weekend with loved ones knowing that one of the most weekly routine chores has been professionally taken care of.

Hobyclean Family packages

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