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Five important tips to prevent your clothes from fading

  • October 13, 2022
  • HobyClean Customer Service

Whereas faded jeans are stylish and trendy, in most cases, faded clothes are a bust. A faded red, slinky camisole looks a sallow pink and sadly down-market. A bright black shirt that loses its color is simply gray.

Let’s be honest, we all love to look smart and organized. That’s why we invest in ourselves, buying not just nice clothes but also contemporary outfits. Every piece of garment in our closets is cherished in some way and perhaps for different reasons. 

However, it can be very frustrating when our most cherished garments start to fade much faster than we had anticipated after every wash. And as we already know, buying clothes can be very expensive, hence that investment has to be protected by any means necessary. 

Well, you can preserve the looks of your favorite shirts, shorts, dresses and other garments. Here are five easy-to-follow tips to help you keep your clothes looking new and vibrant.

Follow directions

Laundry symbols for washing
Symbols to guide you while washing your clothes

How often do you or your designated washer check the tag on your clothes care label for guidance before washing? The care label lets you know about the best way to wash each garment; water temperature, cycle speed (or hand-wash), and dry cleaning. Whereas many of you ignore these labels, they give critical information that can help you prevent your clothes from fading so easily. 

Turn your clothes inside out

While growing up, I always wondered why our mother insisted that we hang the clothes inside out after washing them. Well, it was to prevent them from fading easily under the influence of direct sunlight where they would spend hour drying. 

Turn your clothes inside out while washing and/or putting them on the hanging lines

Well, also washing your clothes inside out can help to prevent quick fading. Let agitation take its toll on the insides of your garments, and help preserve the colors you fell in love with. This is very beneficial to bright colour garments. 

Use fabric conditioner

Using conditioner helps to lubricate fibers in your clothes, reducing abrasion and, as a result, reducing dye loss. It delays fading. The conditioner also helps prevent pilling, which helps your garments hold on to their original colors and keep their fresh appearance—for a brighter-looking you.

Wash lights, darks, and whites separately

Black and white plain T-shirts. Don’t mix coloured and white clothes when washing

One of the best approaches to prevent your clothes from fading easily is to wash dark clothes with other darks, lights with light and whites separately. This will help you use the right measure of detergent, where necessary while washing. 

Use vinegar

One-half cup of vinegar in each wash load prevents fading. As a bonus, vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener and the smell washes away with the rinse cycle.

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