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How often should you wash your duvet?

  • March 29, 2022
  • HobyClean Customer Service

One of the most comfortable places in a home is the bed, being tucked in there on a fairly cold evening at the end of ta tiring day. Think about that spot and realize that every day, week in – week out, you lose liters of fluid due to respiration and shed millions of skin cells in there. For most, your sheets and cover are usually washed every week or 2-4 weeks, depending on your personal hygiene standards or requirement, yet some duvets wait years to be properly cleaned.

According to, “research by Laundrapp found that of the 97 per cent of Brits who sleep with a duvet, 20 per cent have never washed it at all”.

Meanwhile Netherlands, as per, “95% of all Dutch people sleep using a duvet that has never seen the inside of a washing machine or dry cleaner.” And yet, the same source suggests that “you lose 0.25 to 2 liters of fluid due to respiration a night and a large part of it is absorbed by your mattress and duvet.” This only creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold and dust mites, all which can be a recipe for disaster.

Now, when it comes to how often you should wash your duvet, there’s no direct correct answer. Different sources will give you different routines i.e. once in every two – three months or so while many advise that your duvet should be cleaned twice a year to get rid of mold, bacteria and dust mites. That way you sleep without worry in a clean and fresh bed. Then again, it falls back to your personal hygiene.

Who should wash your duvet? Wash it yourself or the dry cleaners!!!

The biggest problem about washing duvets is that most of them don’t even fit in the washing machine or your average basins—later on the dryer. When you wash that duvet by yourself, there is a high risk that down will cluster together or that the wool shrinks and gets tangled in a way that damages the duvet.

However, dry cleaner have large washing machines and dryers that easily fit any duvet size.  They also give it a special kind of treatment that ensures it gets cleaned thoroughly and that down retains their resilience and spring like properties.

If you ever have trouble finding a dry cleaner to help you with your duvet, then you can rely on the HobyClean customer app to help with that.

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