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How we clean your travel suitcase

  • September 30, 2019
  • HobyClean Customer Service

Cleaning the inside compartment of your suitcase

  1. We start by taking out all removable items, like attachable pockets. We wash those separately in a bowl full of water and laundry detergent.
  2. We open all of the zippers and give your luggage a good shake. Then vacuum your suitcase. This gets rid of all of the larger particles.
  3. If your luggage is fabric, we go all in and wash the whole case in a bathtub. (Pour the bathtub full of water and laundry detergent and wash your case thoroughly using a brush on the stronger stains) Another option is;
  4. Using a wet cloth, wipe down all parts of the interior. (Without any soap)
  5. If it still have some dirty patches, we mix some laundry detergent with water (1:5) and apply to the dirty areas using an old toothbrush. Finally, wipe down with a soft cloth and warm water.

How we clean luggage: Nylon, synthetic and fabric

I’ve found that the best way on how to clean fabric luggage is with a foaming upholstery cleaner. Basically, you apply the cleaner, rub the foam in with a brush and finally vacuum the whole case.

  1. Get rid of the larger particles with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Now prepare your cleaning product. Any fabric and textile cleaner that foams up when applied will fit this technique.
  3. Apply your foaming upholstery cleaner with a larger brush, paying the most attention to most visible dirt patches.
  4. After 5-15 minutes we vacuum off all of the foam with a dry/wet vacuum cleaner.
  5. We repeat the process for the patches that didn’t come out. If we can’t get rid of it even after the second clean, it’s probably a grease patch, which has to be treated differently.
  6. Then we clean all of the plastic parts with soapy water and washcloth.
  7. Then we leave your luggage in an open space, with all of the zippers open to let it dry.

How we clean a suitcase: Polycarbonate, ABS and hard shell

  1. First, we prepare your cleaning product. Any kind of soapy water is fantastic for cleaning a hard shell suitcase. Mix some dish soap with water in a separate container, and it should be fine.
  2. Test cleaning a small part of your luggage with the soapy water and a washcloth. If everything appears to be coming off nice,continue with the whole case.
  3. After finished we make sure to wipe down all of the soapy residues with clean water and a washcloth.
  4. Now your case should have some of the more prominent marks left. we clean them with either some baking soda mixed with toothpaste or nail polish remover.
  5. We dry your luggage thoroughly with all zippers open.

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