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Reasons why you should use professional laundry services

  • August 2, 2021
  • HobyClean Customer Service
Reasons why you should use professional laundry services

When it comes to laundry, it has been drilled in most, especially here in Africa that it’s a DYI task. What most of these people don’t know is that there are many benefits that come with using professional laundry services to do your laundry each week. And for unique service providers like HobyClean in Uganda—who have equally extended their wings to Nairobi (Kenya), will pick up, wash, dry, iron, fold and deliver back your laundry within 48hours. Don’t we worry, we have express services too.

With HobyClean, you’re guaranteed that your dirty clothes will be picked up and returned fresh and clean for free. But most important, here are the reasons why you should use professional laundry services


HobyClean offers free pick-up and delivery service to make the task even easier. It saves you time and you don’t have to plan around dropping off or picking up. But more notably, the clothes come back ironed. How cool is that!!! You’ll eventually have saved on gas and power plus time.

Alternatively, you could just download the Hobyclean mobile app to gain access to affordable/cheap laundry services or laundry shops near you in just a click of a few buttons.

Proper Care

Professionals know the proper care for all sorts of fabrics. They can keep your whites bright white, protect your vibrant colors and keep your clothes from shrinking. If clothes need dry cleaning, they’ll handle that, too. The experts also know how to clean your curtains, drapery, tablecloths, duvets and blankets plus other household items.

Save Time

The average woman spends between 1hour-to-one and a half hours or even more on laundry on any given day. Whereas that time is shorter for men, it doesn’t make it any less time consuming. Some spend far more time on laundry. It might not sound like much to some, but the time adds up. Think of all the things you could do if you had that as additional time to tend to them.

Let’s not forget, washing clothes especially hand washing can be a difficult and back-breaking task. Even the more reason to let a professional do it for you.

Superior Quality

Reasons why you should use professional laundry services

Let‘s be honest, we do laundry just because we have too and sometimes we don’t give it all the attention it deserves. And from personal experience, I used not give the last clothes the same attention and care as the first lot in the basin.  And although your washer and dryer probably do a pretty good job of cleaning your clothes for those that use machines, it’s hard to compete with commercial washers. The water is much hotter, and the cleaning solvents are high quality, killing more germs and getting clothes cleaner.

Stress Relief

If someone else is doing your laundry, you get to enjoy a break from the overly hectic weekly work. It can be stressing, trying to balance work, cooking, cleaning and other responsibilities that may include taking care of the kids. It would really be nice to have one less thing to worry about because as we know it, our lives can really be stressful.

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