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The quickest way to order a product/service on

  • February 15, 2023
  • HobyClean Customer Service
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I don’t know about you but a lot of consideration goes on through my mind whenever I think and plan of buying an item online. A lot of consideration is dedicated to it, sometimes both consciously and unconsciously.

Even if I may end up buying the item from a physical store rather than online, oftentimes, I do a bit of research on the product, do my price comparisons and even sometimes reach out to vendors to ask more about the product, discuss price, potential delivery charges if any (more often than not, there’s a delivery charge. For some, it’s directly attached to the price of the product).

Beyond price, I compare different brands of the same product but I pay more attention to reviews from other buyers or product/service users depending on what it is.

Online shopping, by its very nature, often comes with a lot of concerns and skepticism. We are afraid of being scammed for starters, buying the wrong product in terms of quality with our hard-earned money.

Imagine paying 25,000 shillings for a type-c smartphone charger and paying 5,000 shillings extra in delivery fees, only for the thing to get spoilt in just a week or two. Even if it’s in a month or two, you will definitely feel cheated in one way or another, so much so to the extent that you wish you hadn’t shopped online from some vendor.

Well, that’s where brands like HobyClean come in, solving a lifestyle convenience problem with a robust marketplace that offers a wide range of quality products and services coming soon

Though currently servicing the laundry industry, HobyClean is pivoting into becoming Africa’s first “Discount Marketplace” connecting vendors and buyers through a high-tech safe, secure and seamless marketplace on both web and on mobile with an easy-to-use app.

But what’s the quickest way to order a product or service with HobyClean? Thank God you’re already in Uganda and perhaps you’ve previously had the pleasure of browsing through some of our products and services.

If you’ve heard of HobyClean before, you’re probably wondering; “I thought these guys provide laundry services or something within that line.” Well, you’re not wrong. It’s one of the services available on the platform along with ironing services among others.

But hey, look on the brighter side because we are diversifying so that we can offer you more. You will now be able to do more with the HobyClean customer app, if you have it already. If you don’t, then you don’t know what you would be missing out on.

Unlike most marketplaces where the volume of products offered is more important than quality, here, it’s the direct opposite. Whereas we are scaling to offer you more, quality comes first because customer satisfaction means everything to us.

What do you need? What are you looking for? You probably already have the answer to that. If you haven’t found it on the home page or in your first app scroll, you just have to search for it in the search bar.

Just like you have previously done at the supermarket, select the item you want and add it to your shopping cart. But before you exit, feel free to look around, do some window shopping, you never know you may find something else you need or like—or have wanted to buy for quite sometime now but it keeps on slipping your mind every time you go shopping.

And if you are not ready to buy it today, just add it to your wish list so that it’s easy for you to find the next you return. After you are done filling your shopping cart, you can proceed to the counter (our digital sales point) and pay for your items.

The good thing with HobyClean is that you have plenty of options on how to pay for them. You can use mobile money if that’s what you’re comfortable with, your debit or credit  card—regardless of the service provider.

Once you’ve done the payment, then be sure your items are being packaged for delivery. That’s how easy it is. Simple, price and convenient.

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