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HobyClean is a laundry eCommerce platform that is revolutionizing the global traditional laundry industry, moving it from "Bricks and mortar, to click- digital". HobyClean is also an online, on-demand laundry service that offers cost effective, efficient, high-quality laundry services to its customers as individuals, families and businesses (hospitality and medical industries) from anywhere and anytime (24/7/365) in the world. Our customers enjoy their convenience while HobyClean does the Pick-up, washing, ironing, folding and delivery to their doorsteps. Aside from being visually appealing, our system (web platform and mobile apps: Android and iOS) is user-friendly and robust to allow users to place orders and get their deliveries with no chance of confusion. We also provide monthly subscription services to our family and business customers. They subscribe from a range of high quality, affordable, differentiated and convenient packages ranging from Basic to Diamond. They schedule once and pay monthly, we pick, wash, iron, fold and deliver closet ready laundry to their doorsteps weekly through our network of trusted laundry partners globally. 

HobyClean ensures that the right vendors are assigned to handle your job for each order you place. User is provided with various payment options to pay for the order (mobile money, visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, etc) and in any currency in the world. The HobyClean website & Mobile app allow users to:

  • Search, subscribe, schedule and order for services in their locations anywhere we are available in the world
  • Choose from multiple currencies and payment options including offline payments through "Flexi Pay"
  • Custom pricing plans for Express Shipping
  • Download and use our Android & iOS Mobile Apps
  • Make secured & quick online payment

The website loads quickly without any hassles and allows HobyClean users to have a glance at their services to know about "how it works" along three service lines:

Machine Wash

Under machine wash, with terms and conditions of our signup agreements, we ensure our 3rd party global laundry service providers apply the highest industry standards including the following steps:

  • (a) Clothes are sorted and separated: dry-cleaning, hand-wash only and machine wash by reading the care label. Separation considers dark colors, colors, pastels and whites. Sorting also considers the type of fabric (cotton, synthetic, delicate, wool) according to required washing temperatures and spin speeds.
  • (b) Clothes are prepared: To avoid damages to clothes; pockets are emptied, buttons are closed and or zipped, clothes are turned inside out, and a knot is put in duvet covers to prevent them from collecting small laundry items.
  • (c) Laundry products are selectedWe consider that the particular type of laundry product required depend on the load. We note that very delicate fabrics, such as silk or wool, require special care. Where pre-wash stain remover or a bleaching additive is required to remove difficult stains, considerations are made. Fabric conditioner required for softening, reducing drying time, making ironing easier and ensuring pleasant fragrance is encouraged to be applied
  • (d)Dose for water hardness and soil level: We ensure the recommended manufacturer instructions are applied similar to the below:
  • (e)Choose appropriate washing programme:We insist that manufacturer’s instruction regarding machine’s operating procedures and recommended cycles, dosing instructions, bleaching additive, water softener or fabric conditioner are applied. We highly recommend eco-setting, and appropriate temperature setting (30 or 40 degrees Celsius usually gives excellent results).
  • (f)Drying the clothes:We highly recommend that clothes are dried on the line, preferably outside or in a well-ventilated room to maintain proper quality of the clothes making sure that pegs and clothes-lines are clean. Attach items to the clothes-line by their sturdiest edges; hang tops (T-shirts) from their bottoms, and bottoms (jeans) from their tops; dry white and light items in the sun and bright or dark items in the shade; hang blouses, dresses, scarves and lingerie to dry; use towels to blot excess moisture from sweaters, stockings, delicate underwear; and hang items to dry only if the weight of the water will not stretch them out of shape; otherwise we encourage drying them with a towel on a flat surface. However, if clothes must be dried using tumble dryer, we strongly recommend that manufacturer’s instruction are applied adequately; and dryers are not overloaded
  • (g)Ironing the clothes:Considering that fabrics are different in their sensitivity to heat, we encourage extra care during ironing and adopting to the temperature instructions on the clothes. We recommend that ironing begins with the ‘1 dot’ garments and ends with the ‘3 dot’ garments so as to avoid any damage to the clothes. For instance, we encourage the following:
    • (a) One dot: we recommend ironing with a press cloth or ironing the clothes inside out. We call for ironing without steam. But if steam must be used, we call for extreme caution when using steam.
    • (b) Two dots: we recommend ironing under a moderately moist cloth. A steam iron may be used, but we call for avoiding heavy pressure.
    • (c) Three dots: we recommend ironing whilst damp, treating and if necessary moisten. Shiny or pressure-sensitive pieces are recommended to be ironed with press cloth or inside out. A steam iron may be used. Ironed clothes are recommended to be placed on clothes hangers immediately after ironing.

Hand Wash

in addition to the recommended standards under Machine wash, under Hand Wash, we recommend the following:

  • (a) Sort the items by color: keep white and light colors separate from darks and make a separate pile of non-colorfast items.
  • (b) Pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas:Pay close attention to the textile care symbol for bleaching. If bleaching is not allowed (crossed triangle), try the product on a concealed area first.
  • (c)Use a light-duty hand-wash detergent:Dissolve it in wash water of the desired temperature before adding the clothes. Let them soak for no longer than 3-5 minutes. Gently squeeze the suds through the fabric, being careful not to rub, twist, or wring excessively. Rinse articles thoroughly in cool water until the water runs clear.
  • (d)Take special care with wool and silk - use a wool/silk detergent:: Do not soak these articles. Do not squeeze, rub, twist or wring. The rinse water should be the same (lukewarm) as the washing temperature.
  • (e)Hang blouses, dresses, scarves, and lingerie to dry:Use towels to blot excess moisture from sweaters, stockings, delicate underwear. Hang these items to dry only if the weight of the water will not stretch them out of shape; otherwise, dry them with a towel on a flat surface.

Dry Clean

Noting that dry cleaning involves the use of liquid chemicals called "solvents" to remove most stains from a variety of fabrics, we recommend the following standards in addition to the industry standards:

  • (a) Treat spots by hand before placing garments in machines
  • (b)Apply required liquid solvents and detergents to remove dirt, oil, and stains
  • (c)Thereafter, based on instructions, dry and press to shape while distilling solvents so as to purify.
  • (d)We highly recommend filtering, managing and properly disposing of solvent residues as hazardous waste including incineration.
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